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European Railway Expert Delegation Visiting Southwest Jiaotong University

On September 5th, Prof. Hans True, Chairman of the IAVSD led a delegation to SWJTU, including Mr. Erik Svaneborg, Director of the ERSTE MANAGEMENT, and Mr. Morten Hartvig Jacobsen, CEO of the PROJEKTOR, and Mr. Jesper Koops Bach Kratmann, Technical Manager of PROJECTOR, and Mr. Karsten Fick, Project Director of NIRAS, and Mr. Kjeld Larsen, Chairman of the Board of  Denish Institute of Sustainable Transportation,  and Mr. Kjeld Larsen, Board Member of Sino-Danish Association, and Mr. Niels Wellendorf, CP officer of WELLENDORF Traffic planning company, and Mr. Nicolai Okkels, Industrial Designer of TRIAGONAL, and Mr. Ole Torp Sejersen, Consultant of TÛV SÜD.

Accompanied by Vice President Zhang Wengui, the delegation visited State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Key Laboratory of Theory and Technology of High-Speed Railway Structures, and National Laboratory for Rail Transit on Jiuli Campus, together with Prof. Kang Guozheng, Director of TPL, and Prof. Dong Dawei,   Secretary of the Party Committee, Prof. Xiao Shoune, Vice Director of TPL.

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