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Forum on Science and Technology of Rail Transit Project Held Ceremoniously in Chengdu

            On August 1st, the Forum on  Science and Technology of Rail Transit Project was held in Chengdu. This event was held

by the Chinese academy of sciences for the first time and at the top the filed.





            This forum has brought together the  28 institutions including higher academy, scientific research institutes, design

 and application of the units and more than a hundred  academicians and famous experts and scholars in the field of rail transit.

For the more, more than a hundred doctors and master students  engaged in the study of rail transit  participated in the Event.



                   Academician Wanming Zhai took the charge of executive chairman in the forum.







                   During the meeting,  11 top experts in the field of rail transit from Southwest Jiaotong University were invited to

bring the brilliant academic report including Academician Wanming ZHAI, Academician Qingquan QIAN,  professor Chuan HE,

professor shi-bin GAO.




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